5 types of short web videos

It’s no secret that web pages with video content get three times as many backlinks as pages with text only. Below are 5 types of videos that are easy to create and promote on social networks. Here’s hoping they give you some ideas!

Whether it be for a brand, business or NPO, creating web videos for social networks is an effective way to demonstrate a product’s utility, explain a service, inspire or educate people, or enhance your profile.

1. How-to videos

How-to videos are nothing new. “How to make red velvet cupcakes,” “How to make a French braid.” “How to fix a wet iPhone” — you’ll find countless examples of them online on just about anything.

These short videos are ideal for quick step-by-step demonstrations on how to use a product. You can also use them to inspire or surprise people or even to encourage sharing on social networks!


Ex 1. How to apply lipstick in 15 seconds (Instagram)
In this short video, Anastasia (live from Beverly Hills, no less) shows her technique for applying orange lip liner and lipstick so her lips can reflect the colours of spring.

She must have done something right because more than 57,000 people liked the video!

ex.2Ex 2. Renovation: Lowe’s 10 steps (Vine)

Lowe’s makes great use of this type of content, demonstrating the 10 steps for installing small ceramic tiles on a kitchen wall in no more than 6 seconds.

2. Video announcements to highlight important events, launches or celebrations

Videos are a good alternative to traditional press releases for making announcements or congratulating people. It’s a good way to maintain cordial relationships with clients.


Ex. Social event: 5th anniversary of SoulCycle’s Let’s Move (Instagram)
Those who know me know that I’m a fan of SoulCycle. I love their approach to fitness but also their content marketing strategy.

The main goal of this video was to highlight the 5th anniversary of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move program aimed at fighting childhood obesity in the US.

Key point: They never refer directly to the actual product (the gym), but rather emphasize their values, the upbeat music and the ambiance to make viewers want to go work out.

3. Product demonstration videos (at a glance)

Explaining a product’s usefulness through text alone can make it seem complicated, boring or even like you’re behind the times.

This type of video has the benefit of visually showing when and why you need a product — and it’s fun!


Ex : GoPro camera (Instagram)

4. Behind-the-scenes videos

I’m curious by nature. I like to see what’s going on backstage, what’s happening behind the curtain at a product launch, what celebrities are like in person. I like having designers and ambassadors talk to me through my iPhone as I’m lying in bed!


Ex 1. Kate Hudson video

Kate Hudson is a perfect example of a celebrity who understands that to sell her product (she founded Fabletics, a clothing line), it’s in her best interest to offer her fans exclusive content.

Why not do the same? Take advantage of a photo shoot, show, or launch and record some videos behind the scenes to let people see you from a different perspective.

5. Feel-good videos

With a little creativity, resourcefulness and organization, you can make short videos that will feed your social networks and help maintain good relations with consumers.

Here’s one last video that makes me smile every time. Simple to produce (stop motion), short and appeals to the emotions — a recipe for success!


What makes you happy?

What types of brand or corporate videos do you like to see online?

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