Pinterest 2015: 4 important changes

Pinterest’s algorithm has undergone many changes, but what does that mean exactly? To get answers, we met with @Celinab, children’s fashion blogger, 42nd-ranked pinner in the world, and Boite à Contenu collaborator.

Celina’s been pinning ever since Pinterest launched in 2010. She initially signed up out of pure curiosity. As an avid fan of newspaper clippings, it seemed a natural fit. “Pants” file, “jackets” file, Celina’s been cutting out magazine clippings since forever.

Her stats:

More than 20,000 pins/year

More than 150 pins/day

More than 3 million followers

Here are 4 recent concrete changes she’s noticed:

1. Binge pinning is no longer discouraged. It used to be criticized as pins were displayed in chronological order but since they’ve stopped doing that (kind of like Facebook), you can now pin as you please.

2. Using keywords in your descriptions is crucial. Polish your presentations and use SEO techniques for your pin descriptions (think referencing). Pinterest’s search engine favours keywords and key phrases.

3. « Picked for you » is Pinterest’s new way of suggesting content to users based on their interests (meaning cookies). Content is displayed based on your most recent searches.

4. No more affiliated posts. Bitly links no longer work as Pinterest treats them as spam. Be careful which links you use and make sure they’re clear!

* If you haven’t already done so, be sure to make a business page on Pinterest. They come with many exclusive features!

What about you? Have you noticed any changes?

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