Our little story

It was a Monday in January 2009. I was starting a new job after having gone on maternity leave. My boss wasn’t there yet. The receptionist pointed to my desk and introduced me to the co-worker across from me. It was Véro. She immediately made a joke about her new look (she had just gotten her bangs cut) and then another about the fact that our boss was always late. 

The TC Media marketing team was a real fire team, as our boss liked to call us. Cat, Gen, Julie, Victor, Nic, Véro, Guillaume, myself, etc. Work was great fun and full of wonderful challenges. We went to all events together. Golf, pétanque, marketing evening — we were there.

One morning, Véro stopped me in front of the elevators, agenda in hand, and asked,

V: How does the calendar work?

L: What calendar?

V: Well…you have kids, you should know!

The next day it was confirmed, Véro was pregnant with her first child.

Our careers then went in different directions. Véro went on maternity leave, took on new marketing responsibilities at TC Media, and some new challenges as content manager at Vtélé. Meanwhile, I spent some time on the web editorial teams of female consumer sites like Coup de Pouce and ELLE Québec. I then joined the social media team at Cossette (to work with GB again!) and finally, in 2012, I branched out on my own.

We remained friends during all this time. In 2013, we shared a conversation over a drink and…2 years and 2 babies later (5 in total), we joined forces and founded Boite à Contenu.

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