7 FREE image banks

Whether you’re a blogger, community manager, web designer or writer, all content managers are on the lookout for good free image banks. Here are Véronique’s 7 favourite free stock photo sites:

1. Pexels.com

To date, pexels.com has over 1,800 photos available for personal or commercial use spread across 14 different categories.


Behind the site: Two young developers from Berlin.

Updates: 35 new handpicked images added to the site every week ¾ a veritable gold mine.

2. Deathtothestockphotos.com

Odd name, I know, but worth remembering.


Behind the site: Two rogue photographers set on reinventing the traditional image bank.

Updates: Subscribers receive a variety of free themed photos via monthly newsletters. Last month, the package included 20 photos themed around working from home.

Also: You can go premium and get unrestricted access to their complete library for $10 a month. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a loyal subscriber!

3. Superfamous.com

This is a Los Angeles-based studio that offers breathtaking photos, often depicting somewhat blurry and textured landscapes. Ideal for use as website headers and background images for quotes.


Behind the site: Designer Folkert Gorter.

Important: Credit must be provided when using these photos.

Of interest: They share examples of designs the agency creates from photos in their image bank.

4. Lifeofpix.com

This is a nice little image and atmospheric short video bank, full of beautiful material handmade with love (as they like to put it).


Behind the site: Montréal’s Leeroy Agency and its network of creative photographers.

Updates: New photos added every week.

5. Splitshire.com

With its lifestyle-oriented categories such as fashion, wedding and even Instagram, Splitshire has wonderful photos to offer in addition to some rather Zen time-lapse videos (water dripping off a plant, for example).


Behind the site: Daniel Nanescu, a passionate Italian photographer.

Of interest: For $20 a year, you can sign up for the premium option and get new photos added directly to your Dropbox folder every day!

6. Foodiesfeed.com

Need gourmet images for a restaurant website, cooking blog or Facebook publication? Look no further! Foodiesfeed.com is an image bank specializing in food and tableware images.


Behind the site: An Amateur Czech photographer named Jakub. A food and photography enthusiast, this young man takes photos with designers, writers and bloggers in mind.

Of interest: In addition to completely free images, this site also offers premium thematic packages (macarons, gingerbread, fruit, Christmas market, coffee) for a price of your choosing (minimum $1)!

7. Thestocks.im

Last but not least, thestocks.com is a website aggregator of many popular small image banks. No bells and whistles here but well worth your time. Free, unlicensed, carefully selected images ripe for the picking.


That’s all of them. Be sure to check them out! 

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